Company Profile


Heron Fluid Power is a diversified, global company that provides different products and services 

to customers around the world.Our products range from hydraulics to transmission equipment and electro-hydraulic manifolds, and PLC solutions.

Heron Fluid Power is composed of three business segments: Hydraulic, Transmission and Engineering Solutions. Following is a snapshot of these segments, which design, sell, install, and service Heron Fluid Power products:



Heron FP continues to offer to mobile market innovative products, sub-assemblies and systems. Heron FP’s knowledgeable motion and control experts help vehicle design teams develop and refine functional subsystems or complete-vehicle motion control systems. These solutions include implement control, cooling, steering, braking, suspension, drive and propel and intelligent, computer-based mobile systems. Many Heron FP components are ISO certified and all are manufactured to the highest standards.


Heron FP’s industrial hydraulics capabilities cover a wide range of applications from machine tools, rubber and plastics and in-plant automotive to the ever changing and demanding medical and energy markets. Heron FP’s industrial engineering and manufacturing expertise is what sets it apart from others. Heron FP continues to look for ways to increase the customer’s profitability by providing components and systems that are smaller, lighter and last longer. Additionally, Heron FP is dedicated to improving the work environment with products that are quieter, run longer and produce less heat while reducing overall machine energy costs.


Today’s global navy market is as tough as ever. Increased pressure to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions has necessitated that manufacturers look for design and manufacturing partners who have the engineering expertise and breadth of products to meet the challenges head-on. Heron FP works with both OEMs and body builders to see that not only are regulations met, but that ships stay on and continue to be productive and profitable. One of the best commitments to the navy market is Heron FP’s fan drive system that is quieter, much more efficient and greatly improves fuel economy.